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Remote Pilot Certificate with SUAS Rating

Register for the SUAS License

The Part 107 SUAS license requires an aeronautical knowledge-based written exam that you take at an FAA testing center, very similar to the way you take your written portion of a driver’s license exam. The FAA anticipates the average applicant will spend 20 hours for self-study in preparation for the two-hour exam, though many that have prior UAS experience will find they require significantly less. Additionally, the FAA anticipates that 90% of the applications will pass the exam on the first try.

Within my group of researchers, we had 22 out of 23 pass within the first two weeks on the first try.

Application Process:

  1. Schedule an appointment to take the Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) exam
  2. Pass the initial aeronautical knowledge test
  3. Go online and complete the Remote Pilot Certificate form
  4. After your application passes the TSA security background check, you may print your temporary Remote Pilot Certificate
  5. Your permanent Remote Pilot Certificate will be mailed to you within 6-8 weeks.

You can find a local exam site, register and pay for the exam here:

For more information on how to become a drone pilot, visit the FAA's website:

Recommended Study Material:

For more information on this or any UAS inquiry, feel free to contact the UC Center of Excellence on Unmanned Aircraft System Safety at or (209) 201-2051.