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Part 107 Questions

107 Questions That You May Not Have Considered

Can I attach a drone to another drone?

  • As long as the maximum takeoff weight is under 55 lbs and follows procedures for safe flying.

Can I have a drone perform a landing onto another drone?

  • No, in 14 CFR 107.37 any operation that creates a collision hazard is not allowed.

Can I land a drone onto a manned aircraft?

  • Yes, provided that the operatior is following all other rules this is allowed.

What accounts as "operating" the drone?

  • Our definition of "Operating" begins from drone takeoff and ends once the drone has landed. Operation not specified by FAA.

Can a drone carry live animals or people?

  • No, carrying living creatures creates possibility of serious injury or death.

Can a certificate holder supervise multiple people flying?

  • Certificate holder is the PIC. No, one PIC per aircraft

Can you change PIC during flight?

  • Yes, changing PIC during flight is allowed as long as each PIC has a drone license.

  • Yes. For UC policy-add into preflight planning or request

Can a person spectating be called as a participant for an operation?

  • No, if the person is not part of the ground crew ensuring a safe operation they are not a participant and must be under a structure if the drone is flying overhead. The person may spectate closely if they are under a covered structure.

Can a person fly at night?

  • No, operation is restricted to daylight hours and civil twilight given that the UAS has lights that can be seen from 3 statute miles away

  • In order to legally operate at night you must submit a 107.29 waiver to the FAA

Can a person fly a UAS with FPV gear using sense and avoid technology?

  • No, sense and avoid technology does not satisfy the see and avoid requirement

Can an international student fly under Part 107

  • Under current US Law, a US owned aircraft but flown by an international student is considered a foreign civil aircraft.  An international student must first apply with the Office of the Secretary Foreign Air Carrier Licensing Division for permission. The UC Center of Excellence on UAS Safety is actively seeking clarification and the implementation of a process that is more suitable for the international students of the UC system.

If a drone weighing more than 55 lbs starts a flight indoors and then exits the building, does this violate part 107?

  • Yes, while outdoors the UAS is subject to the FAA's authority and having exceeded the 55 lb restriction would be a violation.

Are drones that repeatedly enter and exit buildings, such as those for emergency services, required to follow part 107 throughout the entire procedure, or just when it is outside the building?

  • The FAA does not regulate indoor airspace, but each time the UAS exits the area it must be compliant with the appropriate laws.

What is classified as indoors?

  • A covered structure that prevents access to the national airspace system.

Who is final authority on what is considered safe, Pilot or Law enforcement?

  • The FAA is the final adjucator. If you suspect unsafe activity, inform local law enforcement or the FAA to make a report. Local law enforcement may request a pilot to cease activities if harm is imminent.

What aircraft fall under Part 107?

  • All Civil Aircraft under 55 lbs.

Multiple drones catch and release an object, is this legal?

  • As long as it has been determined prior to the flight that the maneuver will not cause an undue hazard to people or property it is legal.

Can a cluster of drones break apart and reform together using only a single PIC?

  • Cluster drones are not outlawed by the FAA, however, one PIC will need to take control of each individual group drone grouping. Should they reform into one cluster only one PIC will be needed at that time.

Can a drone be attached to a balloon to make it lighter than air?

  • Yes, but then the system would be classified as an airship and subject to  those laws (part 91).

What emergency conditions must be met for the PIC to deviate from the certification and responsibilities that are otherwise mandatory? Do the conditions vary on what clause is being waved?

  • It is as the pilot sees fit to immediately remedy the situation, a written report must be submitted to the FAA about the incident and why protocol was changed

Can I drop a glitter bomb from a drone?

  • No, the operation is considered unacceptable and potentially hazerdous.

Can I use a drone to launch tennis balls for tennis practice?

  • Under strict operations, using a drone for practice can be acceptable only after making negative consequences extremely improbable.

Can we drop t-shirts from drones?

  • With an attached parachute, a t-shirt can be dropped, but drones can't be flown over people.

Does 14 CFR 107 apply to buildings where the roof doors open?

  • As long as the doors are closed, then they do not follow part 107 laws. Once they open, the building is no longer a covered structure which make 107 laws apply.

Can we make drone catching drones?

  • Special permission would be needed from the FAA because the drone is making a collision with another drone.

Is a drone glider still considered a drone?

  • Yes, because a glider is considered an aircraft.

Can I fly a drone outside from inside a building?

  • Yes, as long as the PIC keeps visual line of sight.

Can a drone pull a wagon?

  • This is allowed so long as the total weight of the drone and waggon is less than 55 lbs.

Multiple drones lifting one object? Where does the weight account for?

  • The weight of the small unmanned aircraft includes everything that is on board or otherwise attached to the aircraft and may be lifted. Everything connected would account as one mass.

Does bartering for goods count as payment or compensation for services?

  • It does count as compensation and would thus be subject to Part 107

Can I fly over a sporting event with a drone as a hobby?

  • No, the FAA has a ban on all UAS flights below 3,000 ft. within 3 nautical miles of a stadium with a seating capacity of 30,000 people or more. The operator will also be subject to the AMA restrictions of operation.

What are the statute of limitations on breaking FAA law?

  • For under $50,000 the time limit is typically 6 months from the incident, for over $50,000 the time limit is 5 years from the time of the incident

Can I fly my drone over other people's land?

  • Yes and no, the FAA doesn’t have jurisdiction over what is considered trespassing. However, state and local authorities may have trespassing laws that you may be in violation of. For instance, in CA it is illegal to use a UAS for the purpose of trespassing and spying on people during private or personal matters irregardless of whether a video or image was saved. (

Can I get vetted by the TSA prior to taking the UAS pilot certification course?

  • No, the FAA will take your application to the TSA after the exam should you have a sufficient score to pass

Can I perform aerobatics with my drone?

  • Yes, as long as the performances are done under safe conditions.

Does the fuel include my max takeoff weight?

  • Yes, the fuel is included with the max takeoff weight of the drone.